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Jogging helps you burn more calories than walking but is more prone to injuries. Jogging utilizes running action but the body moves at speed of 6 – 8 km / hour.

Jogging and running are impact sports that puts stress on the bones, joints and muscles of the legs, feet and back and therefore should be introduced gradually. Too much of jogging or running can be harmful and hence should be avoided. Beginners should alternate jogging / running and walking with a gradual increase in speed and distance. Jogging / running for 20 – 30 minutes at a time, three times a week is a sensible goal.

  • Jogging / running should be done wearing comfortable running shoes with a very good padding at the heels to ensure proper shock absorption.
  • Socks should be soft and absorbent to cushion your feet and absorb perspiration. They should be washed daily to avoid blisters caused by the salt from perspiration.
  • Jogging / running should be done heel to toe i.e. the heel touches the ground first and then the weight is rolled along the sole and finally pushed off by the toes. Toes should be pointing straight ahead.
  • Jogging / running should be done on a flat surface preferably on a grassy field. Jogging on hard concrete surfaces should be avoided.
  • Plenty of water and other fluids need to be taken to avoid dehydration.