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Hyperventilation or excessive breathing may result due to anxiety, nervousness, panic attack, asthma or may accompany other medical conditions. The symptoms occur as a result of chemical changes which take place in the blood due to excessive breathing. The victim recovers once the breathing process returns to normal.


  • Rapid, deep breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Fainting
  • Trembling of the hands
  • Cramps in hands and feet

First Aid

  • The primary objective is to make the victim free from anxiety or any other distressing situation. Speaking to the victim with a bit of firmness but with a kind attitude may help a lot. Once the cause of anxiety is removed the breathing will return to normal and symptoms will disappear.
  • If tingling or cramps in the hands and feet persist then the victim should breathe into a paper bag and rebreathe the exhaled air for a minute.