Role of Vital force


Role in Health: During the state of health a person is not conscious about his organs and its functions. This happens because the vital force flows harmoniously and  maintains a balance between mind and the body. This co-ordination is so perfect that none of them can act without the consent of the other. The vital force constantly protects the body from various disease causing agents (like bacteria, viruses or other disease causing factors), to which it is continuously exposed. Dr. Hahnemann called vital force as “a never resting preservating force”which maintains the state of health.

Role in Disease: Our body with the help of the vital force is constantly fighting against disease producing influences, but whenever the exposure to these influences is prolonged or because of greater strength of disease forces the vital force gets deranged resulting in loss of harmony between the mind and body. As a result the person begins to feel the existence of an organ and its working through abnormal sensations and functions (signs and symptoms). These altered sensations and functions are nothing but the external manifestation of the internally deranged vital force.

Role in Cure: In order to bring about cure the harmonious flow of vital force has to be restored back. This is done by the administration of a homeopathic medicine. Once the vital force is restored to normal the abnormal sensations and functions (signs and symptoms) disappear, a balance is restored between mind and body and a healthy state results. In homeopathy cure means removal of symptoms and not their suppression.