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The disease may be caused by many morbific (disease producing)influences which are broadly divided into three categories:

Exciting causes: These are the factors that bring about an acute disease. They derange the vital force and result in a diseased state. The exciting causes can produce disease only if some fundamental cause is present. The exciting causes can be divided into three:

  • Physical causes like getting overheated, exposure to cold, change in weather, getting wet etc.
  • Mechanical causes like injury, insect bites, burns etc.
  • Nervous causes like sudden loss, fear, grief, over joy etc.

Maintaining causes (or Causa Occasionalis): These are the causes that are responsible for continuance of the disease. Unless these factors are removed a healthy state can not be restored. They may include living in damp basements, improper diet, occupational hazards etc.

Fundamental causes (or Miasms): The word ‘Miasm‘ has originated from a Greek word meaning polluting exhalations, morbific (disease producing) factors. But Dr. Hahnemann used it in much more precise form and used it in a sense of chronic syndrome (i.e. combination of signs and symptoms with a disease process)

Hence Miasm are disease producing dynamic power harmful to life. Miasms are mainly of two types:

Acute miasm: It is a disease producing power which causes acute, infectious diseases having almost fixed signs and symptoms. After the development of the disease the acute miasm terminates leaving the person to recover with or without treatment. It is again of two types:

  • Recurring type: These miasms may attack a person more than once in a lifetime e.g. Asiatic cholera, Plague, Yellow fever etc.
  • Non-recurring or fixed miasm: These miasms attack a person only once in a lifetime e.g. small-pox, whooping cough etc.

Chronic miasm: These miasms are the fundamental cause of chronic diseases. These also predispose a person to develop an acute disease. According to Dr. Hahnemann there are three fundamental miasmatic causes viz. Psora, Sycosis, Syphilis. Earlier manifestation of each of these miasm is a eruption. Psora produces an itch pustule, Sycosis produces figwarts and Syphilis produces chancre. 

The fundamental causes lie hidden in almost all mankind. It may be hereditary or acquired during life time. These miasms develop a peculiar susceptibility in each individual making them prone to certain diseases. The chronic miasms continue to spread in the body until a person is alive and never terminates unless treated dynamically with the help of homeopathic medicines (selection of anti-miasmatic medicine depending upon the most predominant miasm)

Hence to bring about recovery or cure these underlying miasms have to be treated accordingly with homeopathic medicines