Danger Signals

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Angina and Heart Attack

  • Feeling of heaviness/squeezing in the chest
  • Pain in the chest, which may also be felt in the left shoulder, arms, neck or jaw
  • Pain in the epigastric region (just below the ribs in the center)
  • Chest pain with profuse sweating, palpitation, nausea/vomiting, giddiness or fainting
  • Sudden shortness of breath


  • Sudden numbness or weakness of one side of arms, legs or face
  • Sudden severe headache, may be with vomiting
  • Sudden blurring or loss of vision
  • Sudden inability to speak
  • Sudden confusion in understanding or speaking


  • When the systolic blood pressure is above 220 mm Hg
  • When the diastolic blood pressure is above 125 mm Hg

What to do

  • Consult your doctor immediately and rush to the hospital
  • If there is “nose- bleed”, pinch the nose and bend forward
  • Do not take any medication without your doctor’s advice
  • Do not take any medication for the headache unless advised