Special Precautions

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  • The reconstituted vaccine should be used on the same day. Left over doses should be discarded. (A very serious side effect – Staphylococcal Toxic Shock Syndrome (SSS) has been reported in otherwise healthy children who received stored reconstituted measles vaccine).
  • Steroid therapy: If your child is on high doses of oral steroids (such as for asthma) for more than two weeks, one should wait for three months before receiving the MMR or any live, weakened vaccine, because steroids can impair the ability to build immunity after vaccination.
  • Anti-cancer therapy: If your child has been undergoing treatment for cancer, including radiation or chemotherapy, one  should wait at least five months.
  • In post pubertal females, who have not received the vaccine earlier, it is advisable to give the vaccine before pregnancy. This is to prevent the chances of miscarriage or effects of rubella virus on the growing baby in the womb. Avoid pregnancy for 3 months after receiving the vaccine.
  • Finally, let your pediatrician know if the child has recently received a blood transfusion or any other biological product before getting the vaccine.
  • If the child is moderately or severely ill, it is better to reschedule the shot for after recovery.