Pre-Exposure Immunization

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RABIES VACCINE – Pre-Exposure Immunization


Anti Rabies vaccine is indicated for high-risk groups so that these individuals have some protection if they come in contact with an infected animal. This group includes:

  • Veterinarians (a large animal practice probably provides more risk than a small animal clinic).
  • Animal handlers
  • Certain lab workers.
  • Persons living in countries where rabies is a threat.
  • Persons who work with potentially rabid animals – zookeepers, trappers etc.

Dosage and schedule

  • 3 doses of pre-exposure vaccine is given IM(Intramuscular) or ID (Intradermal) on 07th, and 28thday.
  • Booster doses of vaccine are recommended every 1 – 3 years for individuals who continue to be at increased risk of contracting rabies and whose rabies antibody titer is less than 0.5 IU/ml.

Repeat booster doses increase the risk of allergic reaction to rabies vaccine by 6%.  Therefore, a titer is recommended prior to receiving a booster dose of rabies HDCV vaccine.  If the titer is 0.5 IU/ml or greater, a booster dose is not indicated.  A titer should be repeated again in two years.

Pre-exposure Immunization Time Table

The 3 choices available are:

Vaccine Dose Number of Doses Schedule (Days) Route
HDCV 0.1 ml 3 0, 7, 28 or 0, 28, 56. Intradermal
HDCV 1.0 ml 3 0, 7, 28 or 0, 28, 56. Intramuscular
PCEC 1.0 ml 3 0, 7, 28 or 0, 28, 56. Intramuscular