Oral Typhoid Vaccine

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Type of vaccine

  • live attenuated vaccine derived from Ty21, a mutant strain developed by genetic manipulation.
  • Strict Cold Chain (storage temperature) has to be maintained.
  • The efficacy varies from 50 to 70%.
  • Is available as enteric-coated capsule form.
  • Acts in a manner similar to the typhoid bacteria but instead of causing the illness, it gives immunity against it.

Dosage & schedule

  • Given after 6 years of age. 3 doses of Capsule on alternate days (1, 3 and 5) provides immunity for almost 3 years.
  • Booster is required every 3 years.

Special precautions

  • The capsule has to be taken 1 hour before mealwith cold or lukewarm milk or water.
  • Sulfonamide – an antibiotic should not be taken concomitantly with the vaccine.
  • Intake of antibiotics has to be avoided 1 week before and after the vaccine.

Side effects

Fever, vomiting and abdominal pain occurs rarely.


  • History of allergic or severe reaction following the previous dose.
  • Acute febrile illness (illness with high grade fever).
  • Acute gastro-intestinal infection.
  • Immunodeficiency – either by birth or acquired.