Alcohol provides “empty calories” and causes weight gain. Excess alcohol may result in hypoglycemia and with drugs it may lead to worsening of diabetes-related complications. If alcohol cannot be avoided, it should be taken before or along with meals. It is always advisable to control (up to 60 ml per day) alcohol intake.

The following table shows the calorie values of some popular alcoholic beverages.

Calorific value of hard drinks

Name Quantity Calories
Beer 250 ml 122
Brandy 30 (1 peg) 98
Gin 30ml(1 peg) 84
Rum 30ml (1peg) 98
Whisky 30ml (1peg) 91
Dry Champagne 100ml 78
Red wine 100ml 82
White wine 100ml 75
Sherry 30ml 43
Port 30ml 51