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Precautions while using a Glucometer

A glucometer is an instrument by which blood sugar can be measured. The required drop of blood for the test can be obtained from a finger tip or ear lobe (these areas have a lot of capillaries- the tiniest divisions of blood vessels). One drop of blood equals 1/16 ml of blood.

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Making too small a puncture to get the drop does not deliver the required volume of blood. Squeezing the finger to get the so-called drop of blood actually delivers blood mixed with tissue fluid. Both these techniques will make the meter show an abnormally low blood sugar value.

Remedy :

  • Make a large enough puncture on the center of a finger pulp or side of the thumb (furthest from the pain sensory nerves) so that a drop of blood flows out spontaneously. This can be aided by minimal pressure on the finger.
  • Follow the directions given in the instruction manual strictly.