The role of medication is important in management of diabetes especially in synergy with dietary modifications and lifestyle changes. Depending on the type of diabetes, insulin injections or oral medications are advised.


In type 1 diabetes patients, there is no or little production of insulin. Therefore, insulin injections are required to make up for the insufficient production of insulin in the body. Besides, insulin may also be indicated in some cases with type 2 diabetes. In gestational diabetes, insulin is advised when dietary modifications fail to provide adequate control of glucose levels in blood.

Insulin can be derived from animal (bovine and porcine) or human sources. Human insulin is produced by recombinant DNA technique. It is to be injected just under the skin by using special insulin syringes.

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Oral medication

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas usually makes plenty of insulin but the body cannot utilize it properly. In such cases, oral medications (pills) are usually advised especially when lifestyle modifications fail to provide adequate control of blood glucose levels. However, it is important to note that insulin injections may ultimately be required in some cases of type 2 diabetes.

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