Aam literally means undigested or unripe. It is the toxic by product of impaired digestion. Due to the weak digestive power chyle- Ras Dhatu (A milky liquid formed in the small intestine as a result of digestion of ingested fats and joins lymphatic vessels) is not properly formed and chyme- Annarasa ( A semi liquid substance formed in the stomach and small intestine during digestion of the digested food) undergoes fermentation yielding Aam – A toxic substance.

Impairment of Agni or the digestive fire is brought about by the following factors:

  • Abstinence from food.
  • Over eating
  • Irregular diet habits.
  • Consumption of incompatible food.
  • Improperly done detoxification or Panchakarma therapy like drug induced vomiting or purgation.
  • Chronic diseases leading to the wasting of tissues.
  • Suppression of natural urges.

The undigested food undergoes fermentation yielding to the toxic state or formation of a toxic substance-Aam.