Mala – Waste Matter

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Mala – Waste matter

Mala are the substances or waste matter to be thrown out of the body. As a result of  various physiological activities going on in the body, excretory by-products are formed that are known as Mala. They produce toxic effect on the body if not thrown out of the body at an appropriate time. Purish (stool), Mutra (urine) and Sweda (sweat) are considered as main excretory product of the body. These are also known as Dushya as these tend to be influenced to cause pathology or disease by imbalanced doshas. These are known as Mala due to its principle property of Malinikaran i.e. Toxification.

According to Ayurveda only a balanced condition of doshasdhatusand malas is Aarogya (good health or disease free condition) and their imbalance causes ill health or disease. Malas form the basic constituent of the body and contribute in its sustenance. Therefore these can be called as Dhatu but as their principle property or action is “to toxify” so in order to highlight this action it is called as Mala.

Significance of Mala:

As a result of metabolic processes being carried out in the body, essence of ingested food and waste products are constantly formed. If waste products are not being formed besides the essence i.e. beneficial products that nourish tissues, then metabolic process would be impaired ultimately leading to the formation of malformed tissues. So, there needs to be an appropriate segregation of essence of ingested food and waste product and excretion of the waste matter on appropriate time for maintaining health.

Their formation is mandatory for maintenance of health but its excretion is equally important. If these are retained in the body they toxify the body.

Waste products:

Purish: Faeces 

Mutra: Urine.

Sweda: Sweat.

Faeces : Purish

The mala of ingested food that originates at Pakvashay (large intestine) and Sthool Guda (rectum) and is excreted through anus.

Urine : Mutra

The Mala of the ingested food which is in the liquid form and is absorbed by the vessels and send to Vasti (urinary bladder) through ureters (gavini ).

Sweat : Sweda

The Mala of med dhatu. Its main function is retention of moisture. It  is excreted through the skin.