Panchakarma Therapy – Basti Karma 

Basti Karma has been considered the most important Panchakarma procedure out of all. Drug induced vomiting and purgation have limited benefits but Basti karma has innumerable benefits. It has been considered as half treatment because it is the principle procedure forelimination of imbalanced Vata which is the most influential Dosha out of the three and movement of other Doshas is made possible by Vata Dosha.

The term Basti is derived from the apparatus which is used for introducing medicated materials. It is made up of Basti or an animal’surinary bladder and so named after it.

When liquid drugs or medicine are introduced in the body through anus for elimination of the vitiated Doshas, it is known as Basti karma or enema.

If the same procedure is performed through urethra for purification of urinary bladder then the procedure is known as Uttar Basti.

Types of Basti

  • Niruha Basti            Decoction of appropriate drugs are used.
  • Anuvasana Basti     Oily substance are used.