Oleation Therapy

Poorvakarma – Oleation Therapy (Snehan Karma)

Types of unctuous (oily/greasy) drugs / Dravya

I. According to Origin

  • Obtained from Plants.      eg. Til oil or Sesame oil.
  • Obtained from Animals    eg. Ghee.

II. According to actions

  • Shodhana Sneh     Unctuous (oily/greasy) substances used                                 to purify vitiated  doshas.
  • Shamana Sneh      Unctuous (oily/greasy) substances used                                 to alleviate  diseases.
  • Brihana Sneh         Unctuous (oily/greasy) substances used                                as a nutritive  substance to nourish and                                strengthen the  body.

III. Types of Unctuous (oily/greasy) substances

  • Ghee / Ghrit
  • Oil / Tail
  • Vasa
  • Majja

Recommended for subjects :

  • In whom sweat has been induced
  • Suitable for purification therapy
  • Suffering from Vata imbalance
  • Who indulge in exercises daily
  • Who take alcohol daily
  • Who indulge in sexual intercourse daily
  • Who are stressed up

Contraindicated in subjects:

  • Who are obese  with excess of  fat and Kapha
  • Suffering from increased saliVataion and loose motions
  • With decreased digestive power
  • Suffering from unconsciousness and thirst
  • Who are pregnant
  • With loss of appetite or vomiting
  • Suffering from diseases of the abdomen, poisoning
  • Who are weak

Indications of properly done Oleation

  • Easy passing out of flatus
  • Increased digestive power
  • Well formed soft stools
  • Well lubricated body

Indications of insufficiently done Oleation

  • Dry and hard stools
  • Inability to pass flatus
  • Decreased digestive power
  • Rough and dry body

Indications of excessively done Oleation

  • Pallor
  • Heaviness
  • Improperly formed stools
  • Drowsiness
  • Loss of appetite