Body Channels / Srotas

Srotas (channels or pores), are present throughout the visible body as well as at the “invisible” level of the cells, molecules, atoms, and subatomic level. Nutrients and other substances are carried in and out of our physiologies (body and its components) through these channelsInformation and intelligence as well  flow through them spontaneously. In the state of health the flow of appropriate nutrients and energies through these channels is unhampered ; when there is accumulation, deficiency, or blockage in these channels, disease originate. Some srotas have synchronization with western concepts (e.g. both Ayurveda and allopathy recognize the Annavaha srotas, or gastrointestinal channel and the pranavaha srotas, or respiratory tract.. Other srotas have no western correlate: Artavavaha srotas or Udakavaha srotas, carrying the monthly menstrual blood,  and the pure water in the body, respectively.

Knowledge pertaining to Srotas besides the status of Doshas imbalance, tissues or Dhatus involved together with the state of the digestive fire or Agni helps a great deal in reaching the diagnosis.