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Where is the kidney obtained from

The kidney for transplantation can be obtained from a recently deceased (dead) donor or can be surgically removed from a living donor.

I. Living donor can be:

  • blood relative (living related donor) such as brother, sister, adult child, parent
  • Unrelated (living unrelated donor) such as spouse, friend or in-laws

II. Deceased (dead or cadaver) donor: Kidney is obtained from a person who has recently died from brain death due to trauma or intracerebral bleeding, but has not suffered kidney injury. Permission can be obtained from the family members for procuring the kidney. Kidney can also be obtained from people who have expressed a wish to help someone after they die by donating their organs.

Kidney transplant is more successful with a living donation. About 90% of kidneys are functioning 1 year after live donor transplantation. The success rate, for dead donor transplantation is about 80% for the first year.

Living related donor transplants provide a slightly better success rate, as blood relatives are more likely to have matching tissues. However, more than two thirds of transplanted kidneys come from people who have died, usually in an accident. In such cases the kidneys are removed, cooled, and transported quickly to a medical center for transplantation.