Side lumbar stretch

Side lumbar stretch

I. Starting position

  • Lie down on the left side of the body.
  • Hold the back of the neck with the left hand.
  • Bend the right leg at the knee and hold the right ankle with the right hand behind the buttocks.

II. Practice

  • While inhaling move the right thigh backwards as far as possible by pulling the right foot with the right handĀ  and at the same time, bend the head backwards arching the spine.
  • Then while breathing out bring the right thigh forwards and on to the chest (with the knee bent and right hand still holding the right ankle).
  • Also bend the head forward trying to touch the forehead to knee. This is one round. Repeat five rounds.
  • Repeat the same practice five times with the left leg while lying on the right side of the body.


  • One round provides a good stretch to theĀ  lower back (lumbar region) both ways.
  • Balance can be procured by adjusting the position of the arm below the head.
  • Synchronize the movements with the inhalations and exhalations.