Om Meditation

I. Starting position

II. Practice

Phase 1

Close your eyes and start chanting OM mentally. Allow the mind to repeat OM continuously without break. If there are distractions, chant OM faster not giving a chance to distractions. After a while the chanting slows down. Consciously slow it down further. If the mind jumps to distractions, again increase the speed of japa of OM kara. Thus, by increasing and allowing the speed to slow down, you should be able to have an unbroken stream of the Japa in your mind.

Phase 2

Make the chanting softer and gentle, subsequently making it effortless. As you progress on the path of the meditation, 2nd phase of the japa will be reached in which you start feeling the vibration of the Japa in the particular part of the body and later throughout the body.

Phase 3

As you slow down the Japa of OM kara observe the gap between OM. Further you slow down the gap widens and widens to diffuse into silence.

Phase 4

The very deep experience of silence helps to expand from the three dimensional awareness of the body to all pervasive awareness. Subsequently, comes the stage of complete silence- Ajapa. This silence is the source of the creativity, power, knowledge and bliss.