Unhealthy eating habits



Junk Food


Most of the foods served in fast food restaurants are rich in saturated fats. In addition, their foods are usually low in iron, fiber, vitamins, and extremely high in sodium.


Children are not born with a taste for salt or saturated fats (fatty meats, butter, fried foods etc). If your child eats these foods regularly, he/she may learn to like them. By continuing to eat them, your child will be at increased risk for developing health problems as an adult.


Unfortunately, more and more youngsters are developing a liking towards these foods and the worst part is that they do not realize the importance of home cooked nutritious food.


It is up to the parents to be clever about insinuating nutritious foods into the family menus.

Parents might as well accept the fact that occasionally their children are going to head for a fast food restaurant. However, if their daily diet is nutritious, once in a while it is acceptable.


Avoid food colors, additives and flavoring agents, chocolates, sweets and refined flour (maida) products like biscuits, bread and cakes.