You should encourage and help the child to eat by his/her own, ensuring at the same time that your baby gets enough food. This helps in developing coordination.


  • Till 6-8 months a baby needs blended foods and will consume around 4 oz (120 gms) of food.
  • After 8 months you need to make the food a bit coarser and lumpier and gradually increase the quantity of food. By this time a baby is beginning to teeth and you can give somefinger foods. Give small piece of toast, bread stick, biscuit or a banana to nibble.
  • As your baby’s ability to use hands improve, give him a spoon & let him play with it at meal times. By one year, once he has learnt how to hold it, dip it in his food and encourage him to feed himself. You could fill the spoon for him, but leave the actual feeding to him.
  • Acquiring the ability to feed oneself is an important step indeveloping self-reliance and responsibility.
  • Always watch your child for choking in case he bites off a piece that is too big. Because children often swallow without chewing, never offer children younger than 4 years the following foods: nuts, uncooked peas, grapes, popcorn, round candies.