Pain drugs reduces the risk of mouth cancer

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Pain drugs reduces the risk of mouth cancer

A new research suggests that long-term use of NSAID type pain relievers such as aspirin and mortin may reduce the risk of oral cancer.

These findings are appeared in a recent issue of lancet and are based on a comparison of NSAID use between 454 heavy smokers with oral cancer and 454 similar smokers without cancer. Overall, 263 subjects had used a drug of NSAID class for at least 6 months, 83 had used acetaminophen and 562 had used neither drug.

The final results revealed that NSAID use cut the risk of oral cancer by 53% whereas acetaminophen (a different type of pain relieving drug) did not have any significant effect on the incidence of oral cancer. Besides this the reduction in oral cancer risk tended to increase with duration of NSAID use, reaching a maximum of 70% for 15 or more years of use.

However, due to the heart related side effects of, chronic use of NSAIDs careful monitoring of patients is advisable.

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