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TYPES OF PILES (hemorrhoids)


Depending upon the site of formation piles (hemorrhoids) can be divided into two types:

I. External piles (hemorrhoids)

  • These develop at the margins of the anal opening and can be seen outside (hence known as external piles).
  • These are usually painful and may rupture and bleedespecially due to the passage of hard stools eroding the already dilated blood vessels.
  • They may also become thrombosed (presence of blood clot) and are felt as a small, painful lump around the anal opening.

II. Internal piles (hemorrhoids)

  • These develop inside the anus.
  • They are usually painless but sometimes may cause a vague discomfort. Slight bleeding may be seen especially if the stools are hard.
  • These piles (hemorrhoids) have a tendency to bulge out of the anal opening when they appear like a bunch of grapes, which is painful.

When both the external and internal varieties are associated it is called interoexternal piles.