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Relax well to work efficiently

Researchers have found that people who avoid working late and enjoy a relaxing evening are more active in the day hours as compared to those who do not.

A study was conducted on 147 public-service workers, in fields such as justice and public security. They were made to fill in a questionnaire at the beginning and at the end of the workday for 5 consecutive days. 

At the beginning of the day they were asked questions as to whether the leisure activities they experienced the day before made them feel relaxed or recovered or in good mood. At the end of the workday they were asked questions as to how active and enthusiastic they felt about their work, whether they were able to handle and find solutions to their job problems and whether they looked forward to opportunities to develop newer skills or giving some new concepts or ideas.

The studies found that the level of recovering could differ from day to day depending upon the amount of relaxation a person had the day before, and this certainly affected the performance at work.

It was observed that those people who were well rested the prior day were more active, dedicated and efficient in performing their job the next day as compared to those who worked late hours and did not take adequate time to relax. People who enjoyed leisure activities the prior evening were more relaxed and able to come up with new concepts and ideas in their job and were also able to solve problems more easily.

Experts say that when a person is fatigued or overstressed, there is a lack of vigour and dedication at work, making the person perform his job inefficiently. Relaxation helps a person to restore his drained energies and perform more efficiently. How much time a person may need to relax depends upon the type of work and the amount of stress it inflicts on the person. The more stressful the workday the more time a person needs to relax to come out of it. 

Hence, if you want to be active and handle your job more efficiently relaxing yourself through the evening is the right mantra for you.

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