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  • By and large the normal sex is the one that is
    • Pleasurable to both the partners.
    • Customary (traditional / conventional).
    • Well in tune to the social and cultural norms.
    • Satisfying to both the partners (equally).
  • Sex can turn out to be a sexual problem when it is
    • Causing marked distress to the individual or the partner (due to different sexual preferences).
    • Creating difficulties between the partners vis a vis their relationship (due to unrealistic expectations).
    • Does not include stimulation of primary sex organs (i.e. penis, vagina).
    • When it is associated with compulsion, guilt and/or anxiety.
  • The most of the sexual problems among men are
    • Premature ejaculation 
      1. In Premature Ejaculation the person ejaculates too early during the sexual intercourse that leaves him as well as his partner unsatisfied.
      2. Some may ejaculate as soon as they attempt to penetrate or even prior to that.
    • Impotence 
      1. The individuals with this problem are not able to attain or maintain erection of penis until the completion of sexual activity.
      2. Most of the time they fail to penetrate the vagina.
    • Loosing vitality (Dhat/semen/vital fluid).
  • The most of the sexual problems among women are
    • Frigidity (Lack of sexual desire) 
      1. Persons with this problem have no interest in sexual activity.
      2. There is decrease in or absence of sexual fantasies or desire for sexual activity.
      3. There is decrease in frequency of intercourse.
    • Difficult penetration or painful penetration.
    • Pain due to spasm of vagina while penetration.
    • Unable to achieve orgasm.
  • Both men and women can have
    • Homosexual tendencies
    • Transsexualism (Gender identity problem)
    • Perversions  – It is defined as unusual sexual urges or behaviors that are recurrent and sexually arousing and involve unusual activities, objects or situation and causes marked distress to self and others.
    • Problems related to Masturbation.