Psychological Cause

Following social factors have been found to be associated with homosexuality. But none of them are found to be exclusive of homosexuality :

  • Mothers of homosexual men are found to be overprotective.
  • Fathers of homosexual men are found to have poor relationship with their son.
  • Some psychologists found that homosexual women enjoy close relationship with their parents in early childhood and during adolescence intimate relationship with men turns to be frightening for them so they turn to women for intimacy.
  • Parental separation and poor relationship with father and mother is also found to be associated with female homosexuality.

Biological cause

Scientists have reported  that sexual tendency is established even before the baby is born. This sexual orientation is affected if there is some hormonal disturbance during pregnancy. If a women is exposed to male hormones (androgens) during the pregnancy the resultant baby will have sexual orientation towards female. So in such cases, female babies will have homosexual tendency and will be aggressive like boys.

Similarly boys exposed to female hormones before birth are less athletic, less aggressive and have homosexual tendency.

Genetic factors

There is some evidence that homosexual tendencies run in families (obviously they are not exclusively homosexual). Also it has been reported that among identical twins there are higher chances of being homosexual if one of  the brother/sister is a homosexual.