Risk Factors


The sexual problems may crop up due psychological as well as due to medical reasons. These factors may be as follows

Psychological factors

  • Age: As the age increases the likelihood of sexual problems increases progressively but this is not an inevitable consequence of aging.

  • Childhood experiences.

  • Person’s self confidence.

  • Person’s understanding towards sex.

  • Person’s sexual experiences.

  • Person’s sexual and non sexual relationship with partner.

  • Interpersonal factors like marital discord.

  • Availability of time and space.

  • Fear of pregnancy.

  • Homosexual impulses can affect sexual performance.

  • Prolonged abstinence from sex.

  • Presence of physical disability.

  • Smoking and alcoholism.

  • Certain medical condition like diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, liver disease, hypertension, heart problems, atherosclerosis, etc.

  • Injury to penis or any component of penis like nerves, arteries or muscles.

  • Trauma to backbone or pelvis. 

  • Psychiatric conditions like, anxiety disorder, major depression, schizophrenia can affect sexual performance.