Pain due to vaginal spasm

Is it a common problem?

  • It is a rare disorder and is found to be less common than female orgasmic disorder.
  • Such patients usually belong to high socioeconomic strata and are highly educated.

What is the cause of such vaginal spasm and pain?

  • A sexual trauma like rape may cause such a condition.
  • Psychosexual conflicts may lead to this problem.
  • Pain during the first coitus and anticipation of such a pain in subsequent intercourses may lead to this problem.
  • Women who consciously wish to have coitus but unconsciously wish to avoid penis from entering vagina also suffer from this problem.

The problem

  • Women with this problem complains of sudden violent spasm of the wall of vagina as soon as she attempts for any sexual intercourse or act. This spasm is not in the control of the woman and is often painful and distressing. Most of the time penetration is either not possible or is very painful.
  • Individuals with this problem complain of pain and inability to fathom penetration due to sudden unwanted contractions of the vaginal wall.
  • This can also occur during a gynecological examination.
  • The condition causes marked interpersonal difficulty, anxiety and depression.

What is the remedy?

  • Treatment requires addressing interpersonal issues and emotional conflicts.
  • There are certain behavioral exercises like ‘finger dilatation’ and ‘use of dilators or vibrators’ which help the patients with this problem. Such exercises should be done under the supervision of a psychiatrist only.