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Sex is a topic which is seldom openly talked about. For healthy sex it is important to have a healthy mind and body. Normal sex is one which is pleasurable, satisfying to both the partners and well in tune with social and cultural norms.

Sex can turn out to be a sexual problem when it is :

  • causing marked distress to the individual or the partner (due to different sexual preferences).
  • creating difficulties between the partners and their relationship(due to unrealistic expectations).
  • does not include stimulation of primary sex organs (i.e. penis, vagina).
  • associated with compulsion, guilt and/or anxiety.

Sexual dysfunction is the inability of both partners to fully enjoy sexual intercourse. This can create an obstacle not only in having children but also in maintaining a positive, healthy and loving relationships.

According to homeopathic philosophy, disease has been defined as a derangement of the vital force, which manifests itself as signs and symptoms. Homoeopathic treatment rests on few cardinal principles which a true homoeopath is well aware of. Its important to do the diagnosis of the person rather than the diagnosis of the disease.

Role of Homeopathy

Hundreds of different drugs proved on healthy human beings are being successfully used to help the suffering humanity. Based on similia similibus curantur (likes cure like) we use the released dynamic powers of these potentized drugs to extend help to the suffering individual.

Homeopathic physician takes into consideration, the common symptoms of the disease and the unique symptoms of the person presenting with the disease. Depending on this totality of symptoms every case is individualized and the medicine most similar to the person is selected.