It is defined as decrease in or absence of sexual fantasies or desire for sexual activity in women. At times, problem may be situational when one has decreased sexual desire with his or her regular partner or spouse. Women may also complain dryness of vagina.

An estimate of 20% of the general population suffer from this problem and this is more commonly seen in women.

What causes decreased sexual desire?

The sexual desire depends upon many factors such as:

  • Age
  • Person’s self esteem.
  • Person’s sexual experiences.
  • Person’s understanding towards sex.
  • Person’s sexual and non sexual relationship with his / her partner.
  • Interpersonal factors like marital discord (as a expression of hostility towards partner).
  • Availability of time and space.
  • Presence of stress, anxiety, depression.
  • Fear of pregnancy.
  • Homosexual tendencies can affect heterosexual desire.
  • Prolonged abstinence from sex.
  • Presence of physical disability.
  • Smoking and alcoholism.
  • Certain medical condition like diabetes mellitus.
  • Psychiatric conditions like anxiety disorder, major depression, schizophrenia