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Homosexual behavior is the act of having sexual contact with a member of the same sex. Homosexuals are persons who:

  • frequently or always choose a member of the same sex for their sexual relations.
  • are usually sexually attracted to the same sex.

Male homosexuals prefer to be called gays or homophiles. Female homosexuals often prefer the term lesbian. About 63 percent of males and 87 percent of females are exclusively heterosexual.

What is homosexuality?

Homosexuality involves erotic thoughts, feeling and acts directed towards a person of the same sex. Many people prefer to identify sexual orientation by using term like lesbian women and gay men. Is it a common phenomenon?

There are about 10% men who were exclusively homosexual, for at least three years and at least 4% of men who were exclusively homosexual throughout their lives. Among women, it has been found that about 2% of adult female populations were predominantly homosexual. Why a person chooses to be homosexual?

The reason why some people prefer homosexual to heterosexual tendency are not known. Scientists have tried to explore the causes but no single cause can be attributed to this behavior. It is presumed that homosexuality is a result of multiple factors that may range from genetic factors, hormonal influence to social factors like parental upbringing. Is it abnormal?

About 2% of general population is exclusively homosexual. There are many countries in which homosexuality enjoys a legal status and in most of the countries it is not a offence if practiced between consenting adults. American Psychiatric Association eliminated the condition “Homosexuality” from the Diagnostic and statistical manual (A manual with lists of psychiatric condition) in 1980. The 10th edition of International classification of Disease and Related health (WHO) states “Sexual orientation alone is not to be regarded as disorder”. So there is no scientific controversy regarding the status of the homosexuality. It is just a variation of human sexuality, an alternative lifestyle which is gaining social and legal status.