Snoring – a Possible Risk for Diabetes

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Snoring – a Possible Risk for Diabetes

Researchers have found that people who snore may be two times more at risk of developing diabetes as compared to those who don’t. Sleep apnea (temporary stoppage of breathing while sleeping) a condition associated with snoring is common in diabetics; hence it was suspected that people who frequently snore would also be at increased risk of getting diabetes.

Some studies were carried out to substantiate this theory. As snoring is commonly seen in obese people the risk of developing diabetes was linked to obesity. However, the studies conducted showed that people who snore infrequently had a lesser chance whereas people who snore more frequently had double the risk of developing diabetes irrespective of the weight.

Researchers suggest that snoring can hamper the oxygen intake resulting in production of a compound called as catecholamines. Catecholamines in turn cause insulin resistance leading to increased blood sugar levels.

Hence, snoring should be considered as a potential and an independent risk factor for diabetes and should be treated accordingly.

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