Being Socially Active linked to Better Physical & Mental Health

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Being Socially Active linked to Better Physical & Mental Health

A new study has found that people who are socially more active may enjoy better physical and mental health. During the study researchers analyzed feedbacks from 3000 people who participated in a survey. During the survey the participants were enquired about their physical health, physical activities, emotional and mental health. It was observed from the study that about 19% participants enjoyed complete health (the researchers defined complete health as enjoying high levels of physical and mental well-being and not merely the absence of physical or mental disease) and a similar percentage of people suffered from complete ill health.

The researchers concluded from the above analysis that those people who adopted a healthy lifestyle such as quitted smoking, did regular exercise enjoyed complete health. However, the researchers said that just adopting a healthy lifestyle was not enough, there was more to it. They found that all those people who attended church regularly or were member of some club or those who volunteered regularly (i.e. all those who were socially active) were less likely to report complete ill health as compared to those people who did not engage in regular social activities.

Hence, the study shows that to promote complete health, social behavior modifications (apart from lifestyle modifications) should be taken into consideration as these have an essential role in enhancing complete physical and mental well-being of an individual

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