What is stress?

Life is dynamic. There is a constant change in the various aspects of life which demand a corresponding reaction. Stress isour body’s natural response to cope with these demands.

Stress in the modern world scenario is mainly a result of continuous high demands imposed on us by occupation, family and lifestyle, or that we impose on ourselves due to high ambition, irrational thinking or misperception.

Contrary to the common belief that stress is always bad, manageable levels of stress for reasonable durations acts as a motivational force and is accompanied by  positive emotions like enjoyment, excitement, satisfaction and a sense of identity. Such optimum level of stress is referred to as eustress or good stress (In Greek eu- stands for good).

An overload of stress is harmful and can affect physical and mental well-being. Such levels of stress if continued for a long duration can lead to numerous mind – body disorders. This type of stress is called dystress or bad stress (In Greek dys- stands for bad).