Toe bending



  • Sit with both legs stretched, heels together.
  • Place the palms on the floor by the side of the buttocks.
  • Make the spine, neck and head erect.
  • Close the eyes.

I. Starting position (Sthiti):Dandasana

  • Sit with the legs outstretched and feet slightly apart.
  • Place the palms slightly behind the buttocks, fingers pointing backwards.
  • Slightly bend backward taking support of the straight arms.
  • Keep the back erect.

II. Practice

  • Focus your awareness on the toes.
  • Bend the toes slowly forward and backward.
  • Keep the feet upright  and the ankles motionless and relaxed during the practice.
  • Hold each position (forward and backward) for a few seconds.
  • Practise with normal breathing .
  • Repeat 10 times.


  • This practice can also be done while sitting in a chair.
  • If necessary, do this practice with each foot separately.