Bhuja Bandha shakti Vikasaka (Upper arms)

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  • Stand erect with feet close together, knees together.
  • Hands along the thighs with fingers stretched out.
  • The legs, trunk and the head aligned in a straight line.

I. Starting position (Sthiti): Tadasana

  • Make fists of your hands with the thumbs tucked in.
  • Bend the elbows and raise the forearms till they are parallel to the ground¬† (forming right angle with the upper arm), and the fists facing each other.

II.  Practice

Stage 1 (Alternate arms)

  • Now , push the right arm forward forcefully and vigorously to the level of the shoulder.
  • Then, pull it back to the starting position.
  • Next, push the left arm forward and pull it back in the same manner.
  • Thus , move the arms alternately¬† and vigorously.
  • Repeat 20 times. Normal breathing.

Stage 2 (Both arms)

  • Do the same movement as above with both arms together, now.
  • Repeat twenty times.


  • Push and pull the arms forcefully and vigorously.
  • When pushed forward, the arms should be parallel to the ground and palms facing up.
  • When pulled back , the elbows must not go back beyond the body (i.e. the starting position).


  • This practice develops the arms muscles.
  • Strengthen elbow joints.