Dynamic surya namaskara (In 10 steps)

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This type of surya namaskara performed rapidly in 10 steps is helpful in building up the stamina and balancing the Prana.

In 10 steps – Dynamics Suryanamskara the 5th and 9th stages are omitted.

Starting position (Sthiti): Tadasana  Stand erect with legs together. Bring the palms together to Namaskara Mudra.


Step 1 

Take the hands above the head while breathing in and bend the trunk backwards

Step 2

  • Bend forward while breathing out and touch the forehead to the knees.
  • Keep the palms on the floor on either side of the legs.

Step 3

  • Breathe in and kick the right leg back and rest on the toes.
  • Push the buttocks forward and downwards so that the left leg is at right angle to the ground.
  • Look up.

Step 4

  • Breathe out and take the left leg back, resting only on palms and toes.
  • Keep the body straight from head to toes inclined to the ground  at about 30o.
  • Take care to maintain the position of the neck in line with the back.

Step 5

  • Without shifting the position of the hands and toes, inhale and glide the body forwards.
  • While breathing out, rest the forehead, chest, palms, knees and toes on the ground.
  • Raise the buttocks off the ground.
  • Note that 8 points of body are in contact with the ground; hence the name Sastanga Namaskara (Salutation with 8 parts).

Step 6

  • Breathe in and raise the trunk, making the spine concave upwards without shifting the position of the hands and feet.
  • Arch the back as far as you can until the elbows are straight.
  • Keep the knees off the ground.

Step 7

While exhaling, without shifting the position of hands and feet raise the buttocks, push the head down until the heels touch the ground.

Step 8

Inhale and bring the right leg in between the two hands. Arch the back, making concavity upwards as in step 3 until the right leg is at right angle to the ground.

Step 9

  • Breathe out and bring the left foot forward next to the right foot and touch the knees by the forehead as in step 2.

Step 10

  • Breathe in and come back to the starting position (Sthiti).
  • This completes one round of surya namaskara.
  • Repeat 12 rounds.