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  • One-third of the world’s population is infected with TB but does not have the disease (i.e. the disease is latent).
  • There are about 15 – 20 million infectious (sputum-positive) cases of TB in the world.
  • WHO estimates that between the years 2002- 2020 approximately:

o    1000 million people will be newly infected with TB

o    150 million people will fall ill due to the infection

o    36 million will die of TB

In India

  • The population infected with TB is estimated to be around 300 – 350 million (33%)
  • Number of active TB cases – about 12 to 15 million
  • Number of sputum positive (infectious) cases- 3 to 3.5 million
  • Number of deaths due to TB- about 0.5 million / year

Death count for each day in India due to TB- about one death per minute