Walking helps Chronic Bronchitis patients

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Walking helps Chronic Bronchitis patients

Studies have found that doing exercise can reduce the rate of hospitalisation in COPD patients. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a lung disease caused mainly by cigarette smoking. The irritating and toxic effects of smoking damage the airways thus obstructing the airflow to the lungs. As a result COPD patients may complain of shortness of breath, cough, sputum production and tiredness. It is a progressive condition, which requires frequent hospitalisations.

However, recent findings have shown that COPD patients who walk for one hour daily reduce half the risk of hospitalisation as compared to the patients who remain inactive. A one-year study was conducted on 304 patients and it was seen that in one third of patients who walked at least 1 hour daily, the rate of hospitalisation was 46% less than that of inactive patients.

This proves that regular walking can help in improving the quality of life in Chronic Bronchitis patients.

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