The lifestyle we follow is a major determinant of the degree of obesity.

Behavior and lifestyle modification forms an important part of any weight loss programme. It is extremely important to be optimistic and have a positive attitude towards the weight loss programme.

Success in a weight loss programme can be achieved by setting small achievable goals. Extreme weight loss approaches like fasting, excessive exercises not only end up as a failure but can be a major health risk.

Physical activity

Small modifications in the way we carry out our routine activities can complement exercises and diet in the weight loss process. Use of stairs instead of the lift, walking down to your colleagues room for a discussion instead of using the intercom, a small walk in the middle of the day, walking down short distances instead of driving are some of the many changes you can bring into your lifestyle.

Eating out 

Being overweight or obese does not necessarily mean that you will be deprived of the pleasure of eating out, but it does ask for a sensible and controlled selection from the menu. You can keep the following tips in mind while eating out :

  • While selecting dishes give a preference to low calorie boiled, baked or grilled preparations.
  • Be careful with the portion sizes. Do not over indulge.
  • Avoid extra toppings or dressings.
  • Select dishes with yogurt, herb or low fat dressings rather than the high fat ones.
  • Avoid alcohol.