Yoga in Rheumatic diseases

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Yoga in Rheumatic diseases

Nowadays more and more physicians are recognizing yoga as a complementary therapy and incorporating it in treatment of patients.

Recent studies of yoga on rheumatic diseases have shown that the use of yoga postures (asanas) improved the patients’ overall well being.

In the first study done on the 17 patients of osteoarthritis of the fingers, yoga has been used as a complementary therapy. In this study, the patients were randomly assigned to a yoga based 10 week programme or no additional treatment along with the routine medication. The yoga group received eight 60 minutes sessions focusing on stretching and strengthening exercises emphasizing upper body extension and alignment. The group who received yoga as complementary therapy showed greater decreases in pain and tenderness with enhanced range of motion.

In the second study, 42 patients of carpal tunnel syndrome are randomized to receive either a twice-weekly supervised 11-yoga postures regimen or a standard wrist splint. The results showed significant benefits for the patients’ pain and grip strength in the yoga control group.

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  1. Vikram August 6, 2014 at 6:02 pm - Reply

    Rheumatological problems means swelling, inflammation and pain in muscles or joints. In such rheumatic disease, the immunity system affects joint linings and eventually causes pain, puffiness, and total destruction. It affects in almost every joint part of our body.

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