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Yoga Diet-  An Introduction

Diet plays crucial role in the maintenance and restoration of health.Individuals who do not take proper diet or do not follow proper dietary habits invariably bring upon themselves a host of diseases.

The diet is recommended according to the nature of the disease and the condition of the patient. The main idea about diet is to keep it balanced and at the same time exclude those items from the daily intake, which are considered to be harmful in a particular disease. A diet chart for breakfast, lunch, afternoon refreshment and the dinner is prepared for each patient according to his body condition and the nature of his disease. In yoga, food has been classified as RajasicTamasic and Satvic.

Preparing a diet plan for an individual while on Yogic treatment is still under research. As stated in classical texts, diet prescribed in Yogic therapy is Satvic in nature, keeping in view its quantity and proper dietary habits to meet individual requirements. Diet is to be designed taking into account the disease, co morbid conditions and individual needs. Diet related advice calls for combined efforts of physician, nutritionist and yoga therapist.