• Sit back on the heels, keeping them apart and well tucked in under the buttocks.
  • Keep the head, shoulders and buttocks in a straight line.
  • Place your palms on the respective thighs.
  • Breathe normally.
  • It may be practised for maximum feasible duration, especially after meals for 5- minutes atleast.


The great advantage of Vajrasana (or the diamond pose) is that the spine is erect – its true natural form. It allows better flexibility of the ankle and feet and promotes relaxation of the thighs.

It aids in constipation, digestion, acidity and normal breathing. Those suffering from gas problems can practice immediately after lunch or dinner. It provides relief in backache and is a preparatory step for meditation; it calms and stabilizes the mind. It also helps in other stomach disorders, urinary problems, strengthens sexual organs, increases blood circulation, and provides relief to arthritis patients. For the fitness freaks, it also helps to strengthen the thigh muscles (“miracle pose,” we like to think so!)


If there is pain at the ankles or feeling of discomfort beyond tolerance (usually in the early stages of practice), use a soft cushion or fold towel under your feet. Gradually increase the duration of the practice. The ankle joint stiffness and pain will disappear after practicing for a week or so.