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Living in Harmony with Nature

Nature has provided you an identity, individuality since birth. Living in harmony with nature and following what nature has decided  for you signifies that you value your uniqueness.

Your objective is to attain state of health and to live up to your desires. For this you need to follow your Prakriti. If at all you fiddle with your Prakriti or go against nature’s law, you will be opening the gateway  to various problems.

How can you live in harmony with nature?

You can live in harmony with nature by adopting life style that is compatible with your basic tendencies.
It is well said “ You cannot tailor make the situations but you can tailor-make your life style to fit those situations”. 

What is perfect health for you?

Health is not mere absence of a disease. It is the state of physical, mental and spiritual well being.

How is it achieved?

Being aware of your personality type is mandatory for you, to achieve your objective of procurement of perfect health. The significance of  being aware of your personality type helps you decide what is suitable for you in terms of diet, exercise, daily regimen and various other factors  for prevention of the diseases you are susceptible to. It helps in  maintaining a harmony with nature by following what nature has intended for you.

Why is it important to know your personality type?

The susceptibility to a disease is decided early

Knowing your personality/body-mind type will help you to find the diseases you are vulnerable to, your strengths and weaknesses and hence it gives you an opportunity to stay away from them by taking appropriate preventive steps.

Personality / Body-mind types gives an opportunity to choose and pick

All the persons are not prone to all the diseases. Every person is vulnerable to specific set of diseases, the awareness of your susceptibility to develop diseases will give you an opportunity to choose and pick your prevention steps to avoid those diseases. Most of us are so apprehensive that we try to prevent as many diseases as we can, try hard but in vain due to uncertainty. 

If your approach is more specific and not shooting in dark, the results would be desirable.

Personality /Body-mind type makes treatment specific once disease surfaces

Ayurveda goes in depth of a person and from Ayurveda perspective the same disease is different in different persons. You might have observed that as a general step towards health, everybody is advised to take certain things like orange juice on empty stomach in early morning but in some it induces acidity. There is nothing abnormal in it but it indicates that they are of a certain body type and orange juice doesn’t suit them. 

You might have heard people saying ” It doesn’t suit me “. What does this signify? It signifies that there are certain things that are not compatible with his body type, but this is his uniqueness and not abnormality. In medical terminology, quite often a term “Idiosyncrasy” is used, it is simply nothing but your response to things according to your body type. Your response to your environment solely depends upon your body type like responding to a criticism, hot weather or anything for that matter. Body type is the outward expression of your inner self that influences your behavior, moods, perceptions and a lot more.

Would you like to unravel the mystery of your Personality type?

Personality type is formed according to the predominance of  Dosha in your body. Doshas reflect so much about your body and mind that it won’t be wise to call it just a body type.  Doshas influence and makes your mind set as well so it should be called as Body Mind type.

If you ponder over it, your Doshas reflects your nature as a whole. So, the best term to describe you as a person or your constitution since birth is ” Prakriti” or ” Nature”.

Although all individuals are made up of these three fundamental energies, but they possess them in unique proportions that nature has decided for them since birth. The proportion of the three Doshas present in an individual at birth will determine his / her essential constitution or Prakriti.

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