Life Style Modification – Diet

The following charts gives you insight into what is beneficial  for your personality type. It illustrates how certain foods can restore harmony among dosha and maintain perfect health.

Appropriate tastes according to Doshas

Doshas are in quest of those tastes that restores its balance. 

Appropriate tastes Most preferred Moderately preferred Reasonably good
Vata (Air) Salty Sour Sweet
Pitta (Fire) Bitter Sweet Astringent
Kapha (Earth) Pungent Bitter Astringent

Should I completely avoid foods that are not good for me?

It is not suggested that you should completely refrain from having food that is not good for your personality type. This gives you an insight into intake of which food is to be emphasized and taking the abstained category scarcely and cautiously.

I am afraid I might lose my fundamental characteristics.

There is no room for apprehensions in following the required diet, herbs or life style. Food that is good for you according to your personality type restore balance of Doshas in your body. It makes the Doshas more stable and in balance to attain health. The fundamental characteristics of your personality type will not be lost.

What type of food is right for me?

Restores Vata Balance   Restores Pitta Balance Restores Kapha Balance
Taste Property Taste Property Taste Property
Salty Oily Bitter Heavy Pungent Dry
Sour Hot Sweet Cold Bitter Light
Sweet Heavy Astringent Dry Astringent Hot

What type of food aggra Vataes my Doshas?

Increases Vata Increases Pitta Increases Kapha
Taste Property Taste Property Taste Property
Pungent Dry Pungent Oily Sweet Heavy
Bitter Light Sour Hot Sour Cold
Astringent Cold Salty Light Salty Oily

Click on the respective types to view the charts that illustrate diet that is good or harmful for your body type. It gives you the choice of diet to be taken and to be restricted to restore and  maintain perfect health :